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It's been a while, We've missed you!


Welcome to MSC3, where our love for cannabis shines through in everything we do. Nestled in the heart of Adrian, MI, we're a unique, 100% woman-owned mom & pop boutique store, offering a curated cannabis experience unlike any other.

Established in 2010, MSC3 is a trailblazer and was Adrian's first cannabis establishment. In 2018, MSC3 was set to launch as Southeast Michigan's first woman-owned MMJ provisioning center. However, due to an unjust permit suspension by the City of Adrian, MSC3 was forced to close.. After a lengthy legal battle, the Lenawee County Circuit Court recognized our rights and instructed the city to reinstate our permit. Now, with renewed vigor, MSC3 is back in business!

What truly distinguishes MSC3 is our unwavering commitment to quality. Every product on our shelves is meticulously chosen. We carefully select items that we know will delight you every time. Regardless if you're a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning your cannabis journey, we promise an experience that exceeds expectations.

Whether you're an MMJ card holder or recreational user, if you're in the area, stop by and say high, weed love to see you!!!💚

















ADRIAN, MI 49221

Ph: (517) 577-6216


Store Hours:

MONDAY - SATURDAY: 9am - 8pm

SUNDAY: 10am - 4pm